So I’ve always enjoyed writing as a kid.  But I seemed to have abandoned it once I got older.  But I’ve recently started to pick it up again so I guess by creating this blog this is a step in that direction.  I’m not sure what I will write here or post here.  This is mostly for therapeutic escape.  I have a lot on my mind and sometimes writing it out is the best medicine for me.  I’m an extroverted introvert if that makes sense but I’m terrible at “talking” about what’s wrong with me or what’s going on with me.  So for my sanity’s sake here I am.  And who knows, maybe my struggles or woes will be related to some and they can serve as a means of comfort.  Because sometimes just knowing you’re not alone when you’re going through things, helps you get through them.  So this the world Thru The Eyes Of Jen.