So it’s easiest for me to go on a downward spiral of negative self-talk since I have zero self-esteem but I think for once I’m going to highlight some of my many positive qualities. A friend of mine recently told me when I was going on a rant about how awful I think I am she said, Jen, you accept people the way they are no matter what, it’s time you do the same for yourself.  And she was right. And I think if anyone else has the same issues you should take the time out to look at the good in you.  Trust me it’s there and it outweighs the bad, even if you don’t think it does.

One of my best qualities is my ability to be so non-judgemental. I don’t judge anyone.  We all have a past.  We’ve all done some pretty fucked up things.  And none of that matters to me.  I’ve been told by so many people how easy it is to talk to me and when I have random strangers come to me and just open up to me about some really personal stuff (trust me it’s happened before!) I’ve gotta believe there’s something there.  So yes…I have a very comforting spirit/nature about myself.  I will take you as you are and I will not beat you over the head with the mistakes you’ve made.  If you’re nice to me I’m nice to you.  If you respect me I will respect you.

I’m trustworthy and reliable.  If you tell me something it stays with me.  If you need me I’m there.  I’m a good writer.  Maybe my style doesn’t match everybody else, maybe I don’t have a huge extensive vocabulary to make my stuff sound super smart but I’m still a damn good writer.  I’m a great cook.  I’m really funny.  I’m encouraging.  I love hard.  I’m loyal. I’m creative.  I’m innovative.

Even if I don’t see it…I am pretty.  I have a beautiful smile.  I have pretty hair (even if it pisses me off every second of the day.) I have a good sense of style/good taste.  I’m open minded.  I have the ability to see the bigger picture and see both sides of each argument. I’m empathetic.  I’m level headed.  I’m a strong person mentally even though I don’t give myself enough credit.

When you’re not used to talking about yourself in a positive light doing it is actually a lot harder than people think.  I struggle because I feel like if I say something good about myself I fear I may be coming off as conceited. But being able to recognize your good qualities is all a part of having good self-esteem.  And that’s what I’m trying to work on.  I’m trying to love myself more and realize that I am the beautiful person that everyone else sees me as. And while I do have many bad qualities, I have so many more good qualities.  And good always outweighs the bad no matter what.